Virtual Card Provider Company in the USA, Latin America, UK, and the European Countries


UK Digital Company is a Virtual Card Solution Provider Company in London and the United Kingdom. We are also a Top Prepaid Virtual Card Solution Provider Company and an International Prepaid Card Provider in the USA, Latin America, the UK, and European countries. With us, you can now update your spending controls at any time in the dashboard or using our API.

For the sake of simplicity and greatest effectiveness, many choose to hold their money with a company that offers them an all-in-one solution to their financial needs. Only by becoming a one-stop-shop for your clients, can continuously grow your business.

In addition, we provide you with a product that will allow you to generate as many of them as you need. The demand for all-in-one solutions is increasingly growing at all times, and our solution can help you with the creation and issuance as well as management of virtual cards.

Virtual Card Solution Provider

Businesses are swapping corporate plastic in favor of virtual prepaid cards. Here’s how they work and why prepaid is a better option than a credit.

Single-use Cards

Create a new virtual card for individual payment. It is much safer than sharing the company card all over the web.

Effortless Subscription Management

Save time and money by managing all your subscriptions on one platform. You can also pause or delete a card at any time, yet your other subscriptions still continue.

Virtual Card for your everyday needs

Offers an extensive list of features and benefits for corporate and individual clients. Thus, we make it easy to instantly create, issue and manage virtual cards, and even easier for your customers to use them.

Virtual Card ships cards to your business or customers.

The various businesses that we support:

  • Advertising and affiliate agencies
  • Online travel agencies
  • PEOs and payroll providers
  • SaaS Procurement Platform
  • Disbursements (Insurance and Warranty Payouts)
  • Health Insurance, FSA, HSA, and benefits providers
  • Expense management providers
  • Financial services
  • Rewards and incentives platforms
  • Marketplaces
  • Logistic and shipping
  • Social sites

Why choose our Virtual Card?

Virtual terminals represent the future of cashless payment. Hence, there are many reasons to prefer them over the traditional methods.
Below you’ll see why we love using virtual card payments.

Secure Payments
Manage your online spending securely with virtual card and approval workflows.

Spending Control
Control your online spending with transaction limits whether it be daily, weekly, monthly, or for a single payment.

Fraud Protection
Most virtual credit cards allow you to freeze your cards at any time, so this means you can simply freeze the card.

Convenient for Online Shopping
Shopping online for everyday needs is smart so consider sing a virtual payment card. A virtual card protects your information online.

Payments Made Easy
With our virtual card payment solutions, all you have to do is set up a recurring payment date for your customer and you’re all set.

Complete Transparency
We provide you with up to 15 additional data fields for detailed information such as cost center or personnel number for every virtual card.

High-power technology stack for your

Virtual Card Solution

Our tech has it all so you don’t need to spend time explaining your business needs to inexperienced mobile app developers.